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About Us

ARM Grp. integrates all of your company’s employee benefit needs with an innovative single-source approach to healthcare and wellness plan administration. We individually customize each program to reach the ideal outcomes desired by both the employer and employee using our unique industry leading methods.

Our exclusive approach offers optimal access leading to the most positive medical outcome for the patient, while creating increased control and a favorable financial result for the employer. The result is an optimal benefit program that rewards both the employer and the employee.

We specialize in:

• Self-funded Medical, Dental and Vision Plans
• Matrix Network-of-Networks
• Tax Advantaged Benefits (HSA, HRA, FSA, etc.)
• Utilization Review
• Care Management
• Nurseline
• Re-Insurance Programs
• Captives
• Consulting

"We utilize a freedom model to facilitate optimal medical outcomes. It’s not only the least expensive approach, it’s the moral imperative."


about us
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